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La Ruta del Bacalao was a club scene that appeared magically and disappeared tragically between 1987 and 1993 in the CV-500 of Valencia, Spain. I went to look for vampires where the images were missing.

It’s impossible it can’t be: something too good to be true. It’s impossible it can’t be: something that cannot be because it’s impossible and its condemned to disappear. Radical hedonism, nowhere girls, being outside of time, superpower, the absence of fear: I start to dwell on the idea that the overnatural memories of that scene, the subversion, the infinite music, heartbeats beat matching beats, being part of something completely new, cars at full speed, tireless bodies dancing, the memories of transcending to another world that are still alive are connected with the notion of the vampiresque.

Es imposible no puede ser, of Megabeat, is sounding (1990). There’s a car trapped at full speed in the CV500. The car is from 1993, the last of year of history that we still have of La Ruta del Bacalao. A torrent of images that makes other possible images vanish. The materialization of a political gesture through an imaginary that disappears.

ES IMPOSIBLE NO PUEDE SER is a vampire film and research that reformulates the ruins of a leisure architectural pattern through a fictional narrative. Crossing archaeological and speculative approaches to sculpt an impossible dreamscape located in an overlooked and underrepresented infrastructure. Through the lens of the vampire, a rhizomatic indagation into the socio cultural and musical layers conforms a vision of a future in a past. In the search of something that does not exist - The Vampire, within something that does not exist: an image. Driving in the space of impossibility to unfold latent realities. There is no cause - effect. There are remains and missing parts. Alternative models of narration that respond to the complexity of perception of something that is not here anymore.

Premiering @Sandberg Instituut Graduation Show in Het Hem, Amsterdam. 30 October - 2 November 2020.