Magic means things happening.

It means things appearing and disappearing. Magic means correlation between possible realities and real reality. It means real not real. Magic means unreasonably reason.

It means unmeasurability. Magic means to believe. It means meanings crossing, it means liquifying symbols and what is significant. Magic means exception, the suspension of the rules that rule the body, time and space. Magic means changing something by changing its name. Magic is what happens when the impossible becomes part of the equation. It means blurrying the lines. it means undisciplinarity. If reality was a pastry, magic would mean eating it with a spoon mixing its layers. Magic means to experience. Magic means the present in the past, the past in the future, the present in the future. It means instantaneous communities. It means ritual. Magic means transformations.

It means promise of change, change of value, it means mixing logics and disciplines. it means alternative worldviews and systems of knowledge. Magic means out of control intelligence.
Magic means not to mean.