Dear person of The Internet:

Andrea Gonzalez is an architect and visual artist whose work focusses on spatial politics, infrastructure and landscape in a playful cross media frame. Exploring storytelling and new narratives, she dives into material culture by reappropriating from different sources. Her work rethinks underrepresented narratives, questions publishing practices, develops and discovers new forms of communication.

Andrea González is now mostly busy SEARCHING FOR VAMPIRES, learning to hang bread, and hosting CURVA RAS in Radio Relativa.

If you want to check her portfolio, here is the LATEST UPDATE.

If you want to contact her, please send an e-mail to info@andreagonzalez.es, a DM to @auroraandrea or dial +34635551887. She is open to collaborations, commissions and conversation.

She provoked an accident in Centro Centro, Madrid on October 25th, 2019. Last year she developed the visual identity of Bosque Real. In 2017 she organized Parkineo in Matadero Madrid together with Paula García–Masedo and Lorenzo García Andrade. She has been recently seen as radio host, creative director and content producer on the experimental podcast radio station RACA, which slides the limits between architecture and contemporary culture. Within RACA she developed the first international podcast congress: MAGIC in collaboration with Lorenzo García – Andrade and published Magical Thinking together with Futuro Studio. RACA has been presented among others, in “Superhumanity” at Fundación Telefónica within the context of the VI Istambul Biennial, featured in “Celebración” edited by Programa sin Créditos. "Most People Guard and Keep", a project in collaboration with the performing arts online platform Teatron was part of “Gelatina” in La Casa Encendida, Madrid.

She often collaborates with Juanito Jones as 🔥🔥 in projects involving creative consulting for brands, experimental education and design. They have been guest tutors of Making Futures School and developed the graphic design and museography of Frecuencia Singular Plural in Centro Centro, Madrid.

With Paula García–Masedo, she was an artist in residence of La Colmena in 2018, working on "Can interfere with breathing and speaking". They covered and uncovered Twin Gallery in Gotelé for their first solo show in 2017.

In summer 2017, she went on the search of a hundred sports pavilions that had been replicated in Castilla La Mancha, in the project “En Castilla la Mancha hay más de cien polideportivos iguales” with Íñigo de Barrón. This project has been featured in several media, and presented at the Injuve Awards exhibition.

Also seen before as editor in chief, publisher designer and content manager in 255, experimental architecture publication. Publisher and visual identity designer in DPA Prints. Member of the communication team and designer in Teatro Pradillo. Publisher and visual identity designer for the exhibition En los Cantos Nos Diluimos at Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid. Publisher designer in “The Way Things Go”, a curatorial project by Paula García–Masedo presented at Monoambiente, Buenos Aires and Sociología Ordinaria at Medialab Prado, Madrid.

Levantinismo: Edificio España Ciudad de Vacaciones , her final thesis in Architecture and research on pleasure architectures, has been published in AD , Plataforma Arquitectura amongst others and was featured in the Spanish pavilion in the VI Venice Architecture Biennale. Levantinistic Beats, its Spin off in collaboration with Juanito Jones, activated SAUNA CLOUD, a project by Carlos Monleón in Matadero Madrid. She started this research in 2014 during her residency in Matadero Madrid together with Jonás Murias with “Proyecto Vacaciones”.

She has written texts for PARK The Magazine, Yorokobu, Pasajes Arquitectura y Crítica, Revista Arquitectura COAM, Teatrón, Programa sin créditos, amongst others.

She has been teaching regularly or been guest speaker in EtsaMadrid, Alicante, IEDMadrid, AA London, Universidad San Pablo Ceu.

She is one of the two Swimmers, a masterplan for splashing on every swimming pool in the world.

She is looking for a record with a gorilla with an open mouth printed on the label, for a film called "La primera noche de mi vida" directed by Miguel Albadalejo and for more swimming pools. If you know something about these, please contact her.